Date · Winter 2019
Medium · Digital

a promotional video

A client approached me who was in need of a promotional video for their tabletop card game. They were launching on Kickstarter, and the client had a version of their campaign video that they were unsatisfied with. I was given that video, as well as the illustrations and soundbites to work with, but the video as it stood was unusable. 

End Deliverables;
  1. Three minute promotinal video 
  2. One minute concise version
  3. One minute version formatted to 1:1 Format for social
  4. One GIF 


︎ The original video

Clients issues (in order of importance):
    1. Unsure if it conveys the playability of the game.
    2. Doesn’t make users want to donate.
    3. Worried about viewers losing interest.
    4. Not dynamic enough/movements too rigid/abrubt.
    5. Sound quality & stereo issues. 
    6. Doesn’t seem “fun”.
    7. Low budget/unpolished look & feel.

︎ The updated video

Solutions provided:
    1. Updated visual cues to illustrate the rules of the game.
    2. Emphasized personal connection to brand, slowing pace during client introduction portion of video.
    3. Added musical cues to help pacing issues and maintain viewer interest throughout.
    4. Cleaned up animation, smoothing movements and brightening color pallete, added textures and patterns.
    5. Revisted sound production, ensured volume was consistant and even in both speakers. 
    6. Introduced music and lots of visual movement to excite viewers.
    7. Broke up into sections to improve legibility, solved continuity issues, fine tuned images and animation to legitimize look & feel.

‘wait’ not ‘Wyatt’.